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You are our Residents and not just Paying Guests

About Peace and Plenty:

Peace and Plenty is our brain child that was established in 2015 to revolutionize the PG in Ahmadabad. Breaking the average PG facility stereotype, we aim to create a benchmark in quality and luxurious accommodations that are designed for the elite corporate clientele.

About our Vision and approach:

With the vision to serve residents and not paying guests, we have designed our facilities in a manner that it creates professional yet homely conditions. Abiding by our customer-centric approach, we refrain from even using the word Paying Guests and have defined our services to deliver delightful staying experience to ensure optimum resident retention.

About our accommodations:

All our accommodations are chosen strategically to provide an easy access to life essential services such as transportation, medical facilities, convenience stores and others. While the exterior is planned to deliver convenience, the interior is designed to provide comfort!

Get access to luxurious accommodations that are well-maintained, designed with modern interiors, managed by professional and verified house help and equipped with all the modern-day facilities that are required for a luxurious and comfortable stay.

About our promises:

  •  To each resident that chooses Peace and Plenty, we promise them with
  •  Complete process transparency
  •  Optimum value for money
  •  Uninterrupted access to committed services
  •  Hygienic cooking and living conditions

Highlights of our accommodations:

  •  King and twin beds with finest linens
  •  Suitable on-site parking
  •  Attentive house-help
  •  Professional cooks with multi-cuisine skills

Best Corporate Accommodation in Ahmedabad
We care your house.

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